Monday, August 22, 2011

Books vs. Movies?

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I’m a little behind on the cinema scene but chatting with my friend this past weekend I found out that there was going to be yet another Spiderman movie that was not a fourth part to the recent series started in 2002. Really? My friend and I agreed that it was pretty sad that Hollywood is so lacking in new ideas that they’re going to make another repeat so soon after another repeat.
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It got me thinking about the movie storylines lately. A LOT of books seem to be coming out in film version as well. My 7 year old is convinced that if there’s a book, there’s a movie about it or they’re making a movie that will come out soon. I’m not saying this is good or bad, but I tend to have lots of questions and thoughts that this poses. After all, sometimes this can be a good situation, the movie can help open people up to books that they might not have picked up, readers may enjoy getting to go see another person’s interpretation of a favorite story etc.
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I still have to wonder that so many screen writers seem to be settling for using other writers material and just altering it for the different medium. There have been lots of times when this has been brilliantly done and I’ve felt that the two mediums worked together nicely. Other times I’ve seen books I’ve loved ripped up and ruined by the attempt.
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I will say that though that in some cases I have been impressed by the way the writers will take an idea from a story and really elaborate on it in a really interesting way. My favorite example of this was probably The Island.
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So what do you think? What Books into movies have you seen and loved? Which ones have you hated?
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