Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Static on the Line

So the internet's been really punky for past couple of weeks. We tried everything to figure out what was happening. My husband's a techie so he went to work checking everything for viruses, loose connections etc. Finally after two phone calls he got someone out here to check it out. After looking through a bunch of stuff and thinking that the problem was probably solved, the technician said, "well, I'll go ahead and check the connections out at the pole coming into the house and make sure that those are good to while I'm out here. Has there been any static with your telephone line lately?" I laughed...and affirmed that there's always been tons of static on our line and it's driven me crazy but no one has seemed to want to do anything. Long story short, he checked the box out on the pole and it was full of all sorts of stuff that nature had added to it and he cleaned it out and tweaked it and now it's oh so much better than it ever has been.

So there's my question... As we write what kinds of things are sneaking in and hanging on that are in fact just creating more static on the line and blocking the reader from being able to enjoy the real story?

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