Monday, September 19, 2011

Looking Back

Going through some old papers and such at my parents house I found a bit of my old writing. It doesn't have a date or name so my guess is that it was just me writing randomly instead of a piece for school. Based on the handwriting I would say it was either middle school or early high school.

A Perfect World
The perfect world is sitting on a cloud floating through the air. Everyone there are princes and princesses. Friendly dragons roam the silver streets greeting everyone as they go along. The only reasons people there have cause to cry tears of sadness is when they see how hard it is for those on Earth struggling and fighting to make it to the next day. Money doesn't  exist for they have realized how trivial it really is and the most treasured item that has ever been created is the worth of ones soul. Starlight gives the babies kisses gently making wishes come true. And now and then one of these people tumbles to Earth to grace a man with what perfection can really become if love, kindness, peace, and joy are mixed together in a perfect blend. Then if just for one instant that man knows there is a perfect world.

Definitely needed some work with the spelling and grammar (as bad as I still am I'm glad that I've improved!) But I think that in essence this probably was me at that time letting all of my thoughts spill out on the page as I day dreamed.

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