Monday, October 24, 2011

Writing and Remodeling

What do writing and remodeling have in common - with me at least genetic procrastination.

When I was growing up my Dad decided to remodel our bathroom (among other things). The one thing I remember about it was that there was this one little piece of blank wall above the doorway that Dad never got around to finishing the wall paper on. It bothered me so much. I just couldn't believe anyone could be so close to finishing a project and then leave that final detail undone for over 10 years!

Now I've been working on my last chapter for my novel for I don't even know how long and for some reason I still can't finish it. It's not only writers block when I sit down to look at it, but I find myself making excuses not to even try. I'm too busy with the homeschooling, I'm too busy with the holidays, the kids want to use the computer, and so on, and so on.

I've been trying to figure out why it's been so hard and I think it's that I'm just scared. Finishing it originally was a pretty big deal for me and I was really excited but I knew that there would still be a lot of editing and re-writing that I would do on it. Once I finish up this last chapter and get it edited what's next though? The world of publishing is a big scary place and it's either try to publish it and subject it to all the criticism and harshness of reality or tuck it safely away on the hard drive and never have that satisfaction of being able to crack open the cover and fan the pages and breathe in the smell of ink on the paper.

With the holidays coming I'm sure I'll have lots more good excuses to put it off but I'm going to make a goal that my Christmas present to myself is going to be having finished and polished it and made it as ready as I can to start sharing and if anyone out there just happens to have lots of free time and wants to be a beta reader I would love feedback and suggestions!

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