Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kindling for Free

Not sure if that's a word that really applies to the Amazon version but today I wanted to talk a minute about my Kindle.

First of all I would have to say that I love it. Now I still love real books, honestly the two really don't compete with each other in my opinion. If I'm at home curled up reading, most likely it'll be a book. For road trips etc. though I've found the Kindle to be great - so much easier to pack along and keep variety.

I will say that my selection of books is also different from what's on my Kindle. See, I've got this thing where I really won't spend money to get a book on my Kindle. No really, I have lots of books but the ones on it are either classics or Amazon freebies that looked interesting, I've never purchased anything for it. I figure the silly thing was expensive enough upfront and there is so much fabulous stuff for free why bother!

Unfortuantly my thoughts on how Amazon runs this market have totally been on a spin cycle over the past week or so. See, I refuse to spend money on books until we have more room to put them, seriously, between my husband's books, my books, and the books for the kids we've got way more than we know what to do with - and that's after I've gotten rid of about two big boxes of ones that I had read but didn't think were worth keeping around. So anyways, for me to get a new book I have to either borrow it from the library, from a friend or get it on Kindle for free. The problem is that there are some great writers out there that I just don't get to see their works because of this.

Enter Michelle Davidson Argyle. I think the woman is brilliant and I loved her novella Cinders that she published a few years ago. Last week she announced that Amazon had one of her new works, True Colors, on sale for free on the Kindle. Immediately I went and uploaded it so grateful that fate smiled my way and I would get to read another of her works. Today she announced that she was mislead with the arrangement and even though the sale was done completely by Amazon without even so much as notifying her that they had done it she gets no money for all of the copies that were purchased while on sale. She said in her blog post about it that she has mixed feelings because while she was denied compensation without her consent people did get to get copies of it and it helped to boost her rating making it more findable through their search engine etc.

Still now I'm left wondering about all of my "free" copies. For me it's the only chance I have to see them and yet, it doesn't seem fair to the author that they have no control over the reimbursement for their work. What do you think? Is it part of the deal or should Amazon pay up? Do you think that it helps or hurts the author more in the long run?

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