Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Query On

So while I mentally digest this last round of edits and reviews for Callia I've turned to the dreaded query process. Now there are lots of info and sites out there and they can all be overwhelming and confusing. Frankly I'm beyond a little terrified.

Finally I came up with a plan that I think will work though. It'll take a little bit longer but I've learned that if I'm willing to give myself some patience I generally like my writing much more. So here goes - I'm writing up about 5 or 6 different queries. I'm trying to give myself some time between each one so that they'll all be a little different and take a unique look at introducing the book. I figure that when these are done I'm going to wait, pause, and then go back to them and evaluate them to see which is the best, or perhaps which parts are the best, and then work on polishing and editing so when I send it I can feel confident that it's captured the story in the best way that I can for the query format.

So that's me, I'm still not sure how it will all work out in the end but so far it's keeping me from having a panic attack and just starting to send out a query that won't do what it should just so it's over with.

Any advice that you have or have heard about query writing that helps make it better or take some of the stress out?

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