Friday, October 5, 2012

Because a Momma's Gotta Brag

So, just because I think it's cute I thought I'd share. Eddie (my 5 year old little boy) has been a busy bug after school recently. His favorite activity has been to come home and ask me to staple some pages together so he can write books. So far he's written 5 - The Magic Sword 1-3 and The Magic Crystal 1-2. They're just such a representation of my little man - combination of my love of books and his daddy's love of art.

The Magic Sword
There was a second grade kid named Dash who was driving away from home.

Dash went through the woods. 
Through China.

But when Dash stopped, Dash found a cave.
He Climbed the ladder and he found a magic place.
"I love magic!"

Dash found a sword. It swooshed.
He picked the sword up with his black hand.

Dash did drived on his motorcycle.
Crime crashed. There was a war. 

The war was over.
Dash drived on his motorcycle again.

Dash drived his motorcycle through China.
Dash drived through the woods.

Dash drived through the desert.
Dash drived on a mountain.

Dash walked on the bridge.
Dash was home.

The End

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