Friday, March 22, 2013

The Healthy Writers Club: Week 2

So this should really be Week 4 but the past two weeks have been pretty rough for me and the baby. I think he was going through a growth spurt or something - all I know is that I was in desperate need of some extra zzz's and couldn't really do much in the way of exercising. So Week 2 it is.

Thankfully he seems to be doing well and we've had a pretty good week. I've been able to get in a couple of exercises (mostly stuff inside with an exercise video) Still, spring is here soon and I'm looking forward to being ready to take it outdoors. Besides that, already I feel stronger and can tell that I've really needed to do this!

In connection with this I stole an idea from one of my friends. She started a piggy bank where she pays herself for exercising and eating right etc. I love it. I figure that by the time I reach my goals that putting in a few cents each day, I'll have saved up for a nice little reward for myself! It's also a great reminder that little bits really can add up. So when I start to get discouraged I can look at my jar full of nickles and dimes and realize that bit by bit I'm getting there!

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