Thursday, August 1, 2013

Callia and the Quest for Light: Prologue

I've been trying to decide what to do with this for a while now and here goes. Every Thursday I'll be publishing a section of my book, Callia and the Quest for Light, here on the blog. My hope is that someone out there will find it enjoyable without having to purchase anything. I realize that publishing this way leaves me somewhat open. While there may not be much I could do in such a case, I ask that you please be respectful of copy right laws. The work contained in these posts is mine and mine alone. So without further ado:
    Tarspen pushed with all of his remaining might against the massive stone that served as a door to the secret tunnel. His chest heaved and he panted, desperately gasping for each breath. His body ached as it never had before. After what seemed like hours of agonizing work and grating protest the door was sealed again protecting him from discovery. He realized he could no longer hear sounds of the battle raging just outside and wished that there was such a door to silence their tortured echoes that continued reverberating inside his head.
    Tarspen collapsed to his knees. His body was shaking violently from the exertion it was so unaccustomed to. His fingers clumsily checked the injury in his abdomen. He knew that his time would be limited and he mentally chastised himself for being such a fool. If there was any hope that he would succeed he had to complete his task and then be as far from this chamber as possible before he was discovered. Right now he wasn’t even certain he could stand again.
    Pleading he stared up at the dark and shadowed  ceiling, “Please Father, forgive me for my youthful stupidities and give me strength to at last complete your wishes.” He wiped the blood from his hand on his purple cloak and began to grope the wall desperately trying to find a grip he could use to pull himself up, straining with the effort of simply rising to his feet.
    With pain shooting through his body, he finally succeeded and continued along, fumbling down the pathway until he found the stone he was seeking. With a little effort he managed to pry it loose from the wall. Carefully he reached into his cloak and pulled out two old parchment scrolls. With a sigh of relief he placed them securely inside the secret cavity and fitted the stone back in place. 
    At long last he had completed the only honorable task he had ever done as King of the People of Walesmena. He could now see his father again with at least one mark against his conscious cleared. The safety of Walesmena could be ensured at last.